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    Hey! I’m currently using pixel movement for my game and it totally breaks autotiles placement, I’m working on a farming system and I use a shovel to dig the dirt so I can place seeds, so I need to change the ground tile in front of the player.

    Here’s how it looks with Galv_PixelMove turned off in the plugin manager:

    Here’s how it looks with Galv_PixelMove turned on in the plugin manager:

    I changed it to layer 0 so you can see what’s happening better:

    A lot of plugins I use aren’t compatible with pixel movement so I use a plugin script to temporarily turn it off before I call other plugins functions and then turn it back on again and it works fine, but this method doesn’t work with your plugin.

    I also use another method when that doesn’t work which you can see here for example which is use player position variables depending on where the player is facing and then add or remove one value for X and Y:

    But your plugin doesn’t seem to support that either.

    Is there a way I could overcome this incompatibility via a script call with variables or anything else at all? Cus I would love to use this plugin to make the farming look better but I value the pixel movement more 🙁

    Also lastly, is there a way to make tile changes permanent? When I leave the map and come back all the tiles are gone.

    Thank you


    Hey, thanks for posting here to inform us of the conflict between Tile Control and Galv_PixelMove!

    I’ve added this integration request to my team’s list of goals.  I will run it by our lead plugin coder, McKathlin, to see what she thinks.  I want Tile Control to integrate well with pixel movement plugins.  We did create such an integration recently for MZ Tile Control and AltimitMovement.  I know that Galv’s plugins are also popular, so I’m wanting MV Tile Control to integrate well with Galv_PixelMove.

    Sorry it took so long for the topic to be approved and posted.  I’ve been so busy with work that my website has fallen into some disarray.  I changed my site’s settings so it should now email me when a new topic is pending approval, to help me be more timely in the future.


    Good news: I found the cause of the autotile failure and talked with Galv, and he’s fixed it! Download the recently uploaded version 1.4 of Galv_PixelMove.js, and that should be all you need. In my test project, I found that this alone fixed the autotiling problem, and no changes to Tyruswoo Tile Control were necessary.


    Hey thank you for updating the plugin, I really appreciate it, but it’s been so long I ended up coming up with a work-around since then and i’m too far in to it to change now haha

    Started using a different plugin for non grid movement called SAN_AnalogMove and heavily modified it, then I set the region I want to have the farmable ground with a common event containing the following script call: this.pluginCommand(“Tile”,[“Set”,”EventLoc”,Number(this._eventId).toString(),”1″,”A29″]); and that has worked fine since then!

    Still thank you for fixing the original issue 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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