Family Friendly Pledge
From the Tyruswoo Team
Our team is committed to family friendly fun!  All of our content is appropriate for any age, with no swearing, vulgarity, or profanity, and avoidance of themes that would be inappropriate for kids.  Our own kids watch our videos, play our games, and experience our content, and we love making them smile!  We also believe that families are the most fundamental and vital unit of society, and we only provide content consistent with this view.

We feel honored that our content has appeal among a broad range of ages.  We love that our content helps connect families and friends from across distance and across generations!

We also believe that family friendly fun provides education, stimulates growth of creativity, and allows for expression of original thought and development of a healthy sense of self-worth.  We believe that everybody, no matter their age or abilities, has individual worth.  We provide tutorials and videos that help support others in their creative endeavors, whether they are spending time with family or friends, having some fun time just for themselves, or fulfilling their dream of making something original for others to enjoy!

We are committed to family friendly fun!  It helps our families stay close, and we hope it helps your family, too.